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Alexander Moore

Pale Wings


Eat your heart out

Feeling cross

Eye suck chalk

This is my work space complete with comic covered walls, masks surrounded by toys I am too old to still own, a tucked away keyboard, my garbage pail kids collection, and of course my art desk. I’ve never really analyzed how immature I am until just now. (Shakes head in shame.)

Alexander Moore loves to photograph nature, draw bizarre creatures, preform on stage as both a musician as well as a stand-up comedian, and he writes all across the spectrum from horror, to love stories, and even children’s books. He also feels strange when typing in the third person. Before I take a photograph of something I must first be compelled to keep the moment frozen in time forever. While you see a picture of a goat or a butterfly, to me they are time capsules. The goat reminds me of my daughters giggling and feeding caged beasts at a small zoo as my wife and I beamed with bliss. The butterfly photo was captured at a Family reunion after thirty minutes were spent by children chasing the numerous fluttering insects. The chalk alien was drawn on the sidewalk outside my home while my daughters sketched stick figures next to me. As for my illustrations, they are creations of dreams and at times nightmares. Most are turned into characters for one of my graphic novels, maybe left on the door of a friends house, or simply filed away with the rest of my mind’s outpourings, taped to a wall in my home.