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Archetypes | John Evjen

thecreator2: The man in the image is creating new worlds that reflect and intersect our own. In each world, there is new color, new life.

theview: Taken in Dresden of the Semperoper Dresden, we see a classic symbol of wealth and romance. In the left foreground, we see the unappealing. Foreground right, we see cars waiting in a perpetual jam. The lower third consists of the undesired and upper two-thirds of the desired.

mariogood7: The circus, although outdated and supposedly unethical, exploits the raw talent of the human body and puts it on display for the audience to gape at. This performer is stunning the audience with his ability and body but his face is hidden. Does he matter? or is it his body, which matters?

sunsetboat: Here we have a prototypical image of a ship about to set sail. The sky purple and the water still, yet there is uncertainty about the ship. The Russian letters and the openness of the shot make us reflect on how we got here.

feminismus: I took this picture for the simple reason to chastise the viewer for their assumptions. We assume gender based on the shoe they are wearing; we also assume that the female has defeated the males as she is catching the ball and the men in the corner crouch in defeat.

After two academic exchanges to Germany, John Evjen began his undergraduate studying focusing on German education and translation theory at the University of Alberta. In 2015, he joined the Inaugural Class of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College, where he works with university sexual assault policy and sustainable energy development. Apart from university, he coaches competitive water polo and leads a Christian youth group.