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From the Thoughtful Dog Editorial Desk…

From the Thoughtful Dog Editorial Desk…

Welcome to our premier February edition of Thoughtful Dog literary magazine. It took time to create the perfect literary magazine. Some new and exciting ideas were devised to help writers while honoring readers. The fiction is often cutting-edge and innovative without being fanciful. Side by side, we combine emerging writers with established artists. We felt strongly about this because establishing solidarity, where both groups stand side by side, as strong, independent writers with stories to tell, lessens the mystery of one or the other.

The profession of writing is a mixed bag, at best. Most writers sit, honing their skills. There is magic emanating from our fingers and brains, yet the process isn’t always magical. Writers send out their creations. Often, the results are not what we hope for. What other profession has such negativity with rejections as the only rule of thumb to self-monitor the quality of our work? Add to that the solitary endeavor that is the craft, where self-doubt frequently and freely creeps in.

So, how is our magazine different? Thoughtful Dog is dedicated to:

  • Publishing writers who submit incredible stories, whether they have attended Harvard, Iowa or the school of life. Incredible literature is everywhere.
  • Helping each writer realize exactly what their needs are and gaining from that knowledge as quickly and as efficiently as possible then relating the answers in our next months’ issue.
  • Showing how other writers go through the process, using stories, essays and photographs to connect to all of our domestic and foreign literary communities. Writers are not alone!
  • Delighting you (hopefully). We have a photographer in residence, combing through your photos to find pictures that best represent how writers work and succeed within the business of writing.
  • Inspiring and enchanting you with our fiction, articles, interviews and photographs. Our magazine will be online monthly and published once a year.

Let us know how we are doing and please keep in touch. With our ever-increasing circulation, we are proud of our magazine and we hope you will enjoy reading it.

Always Grateful,

Loie, John and Connie
Thoughtful Dog