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Spring Photography Part One | Jo Goff

Spring Photography Part One | Jo Goff

A Self Divided

The Salmon Arab of Jerusalem (shot at a place called, Christ Church, the oldest church in the Old City of Jerusalem, just through Jaffa Gate)

Shipwrecked at the Dead Sea (shot along the Dead Sea, after climbing Masada to Herod’s Palace at Masada National Park)

Scarlet Sands of Tel-Aviv (shot on a beach in Tel-Aviv, adjacent to Jaffa)

A West Bank Shabbat (shot outside of Jerusalem at sunset one Friday evening)

With Philosophy and Religion majors and minoring in Religious Studies, Jo Goff studies at San Francisco State University. She studied abroad in Paris. Subsequently, she has traveled to Israel, the south of France, and Costa Rica. Goff leads an active lifestyle, spending a great deal of time in nature.



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