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Tell Us About a Place of Inspiration | Jo Goff

Tell Us About a Place of Inspiration | Jo Goff

There are so many places that inspire me but especially those in nature. When it comes to writing, my needs are very specific. A clean, uncluttered, thoughtfully organized Sanctum Sanctorum or The Cave is an inspired space. Magic happens here. I meditate, sleep, and live here. No distractions. Well lit. Warm. I realized, by way of necessity, we do not need what we imagine we do. I now live in a converted garage studio. I’m still plugging away at school and life, but sans excess.


Photo by Jimmy Lichtenstein

With Philosophy and Religion majors and minoring in Religious Studies, Jo Goff studies at San Francisco State University. She studied abroad in Paris. Subsequently, she has traveled to Israel, the south of France, and Costa Rica. Goff leads an active lifestyle, spending a great deal of time in nature.

Jo’s photography featured in Thoughtful Dog can be found here.


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