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Spring Photography Part Two | Jo Goff

Philosophy: You Can’t Unhear This – artistically interpreted shot from my black and white self-portrait series, in Paris on my mom’s birthday – she had died unexpectedly nine months earlier; this shot captures something intrinsic to my love of philosophy, education, knowledge, and life: you can’t unhear this, and it changes everything!

The Golden Gate Aviatrix – shot on an incredible flight in an old DC-3 airplane, sweeping over the Golden Gate Bridge

The Hermit of Costa Rica – I was on a three-hour, barefoot walk on the beaches near Montezuma, Costa Rica, as the tide began to rise, nearing sunset; thousands of hermit crabs covered everything

The Yarrow Queen of Half Moon Bay – shot at Half Moon Bay State Beach on Coastal Wildflower Day

Wisteria Falls – shot in Portola Valley, California

With a major in Philosophy and a minor in Philosophy and Religion, Jo Goff studies at San Francisco State University. She studied abroad in Paris. Subsequently, she has traveled to Israel, the south of France, and Costa Rica. Goff leads an active lifestyle, spending a great deal of time in nature.

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